Five Now Six Types Of Diamond Drills

Five Now Six Types Of Diamond Drills

There are presently five types of diamonds in diamond painting. But recently A new generation of diamond paintings just can out and they have a bead type drill as you can see in the example below! much like a small pearl type bead drill. These diamond paintings are printed with the frame on the canvas so that when you use a canvas frame, it will appear to have a real frame! These have just recently been released and are called New Generation Diamond Paintings, which will make the sixth type of diamond drill! 

If you read my last blog you know the Round Drill and the Square Drill and the difference between the two of them. I also talked about the last new release of diamond drill the super shiny Rubik Cube Drills that are the third generation steeple drill innovation of round diamond drills! They are 28mm in size and have been cut in 26 sections with a super shiny finish, for a mind-blowing effect in diamond painting! Just like real diamonds the more cuts the shinier the diamond, they reflect the light from every angle to make your diamond paintings come alive with so much sparkle and shine! 

So we have the regular round drill with 16 cuts and the super shiny with 26 cuts, the square drills with 9 & 13 cuts that come in 447 DMC colors for brilliant shine and different textures. We also have the new generation small round pearl type beads,  so that leaves us with two other types of diamond drills! Next, we will talk about the glass diamond drill or rhinestone drills if you wish. As you look for just the right diamond painting you want to do for the first time you will see these drills called crystal drills, rhinestone drills, and even glass drills. I prefer to call them rhinestones because they remind me of the old Bead Dazzler I use to have when I was a kid!  These rhinestone drills have a translucent color like glass and have a flat surface on top to reflect the light! If it is Bling you like then go for a full glass drill diamond painting, they are absolutely beautiful! Check out the example below.

And finally, there is what we call the special diamond drills. These can be in many different shapes and most of the special diamond paintings are the partial diamond paintings, meaning you have your focal point and diamonds are added to that to make it appear to be 3 or 5D, and the background has been painted in so that part of the picture appears to come alive and will sparkle and shine as you can see in the picture above. The roses just glitter and shine and appear to be three dimensional! Honestly, a picture does not do these Diamond Paintings any justice but once you do one you will be hooked they are so gorgeous! Special diamonds are used a lot on peacocks for the tail feathers. Example below


So we have now discussed all six types of Diamond Drills and depending on what piece of art you choose for your home, office or even a friend, I told you that Diamond Painting anyone can do but choosing one to do would be the hardest part! Be sure to sign up on my email newsletter so that I can keep you up to date on any new stuff happening in the Diamond Painting World where diamonds are forever!  If you have any questions you can email me at I am always happy to answer your questions as soon as I possibly can. Get excited about diamond painting it is so much fun the whole family will enjoy it! 

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